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Open Source projects built on Adobe technology

Welcome to our online community site, built using our own products and targeted to support developers building open source projects for our products and platform.

Now you can integrate existing or new open source projects in a centralized repository with simple functions and options. This site provides a consolidated hosting environment that transcends tools, geographies and functional teams and enables more efficient use of your time and resources.

As the world becomes a truly collaborative development environment with open borders between heterogeneous tools and platforms, the use of tools like this needs to remain free of charge. So that's what we have done.

Developers can freely create accounts and define new projects. Projects created here must be and will be open source, and will not be owned by Adobe. The exact open source license used for each project is up to the project lead, and must be clearly stated in the project description.


Projects can now specify what changed in their last update. You will see this information on the home page as well as on the project page itself.

Top Projects
1. JavaLoader This is a library that handles creation of Java objects from external Java libraries.
Updated February 16, 2012 by Mark Mandel

2. BlogCFC A blogging application.
Updated January 9, 2012 by Raymond Camden

3. Credit Card Generator Credit Card Number Generator
Updated September 3, 2009 by Dan Vega

4. ColdFire ColdFusion Debugger ColdFire is a Firebug extension for ColdFusion debugging.
Updated January 20, 2013 by Nathan Mische

5. Mango Blog An extensible blog engine
Updated April 6, 2013 by Laura Arguello

6. FLEXible Basic FLEX2 MXML Designer/Editor created in FLEX2 ;)
Updated May 28, 2007 by John Grden

7. Galleon ColdFusion Forums Galleon is a forums application built in ColdFusion.
Updated January 19, 2013 by Raymond Camden

8. colorPicker Widget-like application for selecting/designing colors for use on the web
Updated March 2, 2008 by Brian Swartzfager

9. (monkeh)Tweet Twitter API A ColdFusion wrapper for in-depth interaction with the Twitter RESTful API
Updated March 26, 2014 by Matt Gifford aka coldfumonkeh

10. ColdFusion reCAPTCHA tag ColdFusion tag for using reCAPTCHA captcha service
Updated June 3, 2010 by RocketBoots

Latest Projects
1. cfpayment Generalized API for interfacing payment gateways for credit card, EFT, ACH and other payment processing
Updated March 31, 2014 by Brian Ghidinelli

List gateways and proven track record.

2. Granite Data Services Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehensive development and integration solution for building Flex / JavaFX / Android / JavaEE RIA applications.
Updated March 28, 2014 by Franck WOLFF

See full announcement here: http://www.granitedataservices.com/2014/03/20/graniteds-3-0-3-ga-is-out/

3. FTheme FTheme is an open-source Flex 4 look and feel customization library.
Updated March 27, 2014 by Maxim Kachurovskiy

4. (monkeh)Tweet Twitter API A ColdFusion wrapper for in-depth interaction with the Twitter RESTful API
Updated March 26, 2014 by Matt Gifford aka coldfumonkeh

26/03/2014 - Version 1.4.5 - fixed an issue with the geo functions that were passing to a non-existant request method as t...

5. GangPlank ColdFusion Scaffold Framework
Updated March 26, 2014 by James Harvey

6. Windows DNS Manager Manage DNS Records on Windows Server
Updated March 6, 2014 by Trevor Orr

7. cfPaymill ColdFusion wrapper component for the Paymill API
Updated February 24, 2014 by Richard Herbert

Method of authorization changed. Method updateSubscription() argument payment added and default value for offer added. Paym...

8. CfStatic CfStatic is a framework for managing the inclusion and packaging of css and javascript in CFML applications, written by Dominic Watson.
Updated February 12, 2014 by Dominic Watson

Fixes for two raised issues where temporary LESS files were not being cleared up and causing issues: https://github.com/Do...

9. JSONUtil JSONUtil is a component which provides methods to convert ColdFusion data to and from JSON.
Updated January 28, 2014 by Nathan Mische

10. cfeoSocial cfeoSocial is a set of gateways/test pages to integrate with Social Media APIs (Google,LinkedIn,Facebook).
Updated January 27, 2014 by Ryan Smith

Updated Facebook (gateway & testing page) to include FQL API option in addition to Graph API. In our opinion the FQL API is ...