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Author: TJ Downes
Last Updated: October 6, 2007 5:23:08 PM PDT
A ColdFusion calendar with RSS and microformats

Katapult - CMS

Author: John Mason
Last Updated: August 13, 2009 10:49:59 AM PDT
Katapult - Simple Content Management System

KENDO UI Generator

Author: James Lamar
Last Updated: August 21, 2012 2:17:41 PM PDT
CFC for generating widgets with Kendo UI

Kendo UI Grid Helper Functions

Author: James Lamar
Last Updated: May 8, 2013 8:22:22 AM PDT
This helper file allows you to call GetGrid() to generate and include a javascript-based grid using Kendo UI (http://www.kendoui.com/). Note, this is only for the Web widgets and currently uses the minified open source version of Kendo.


Author: Miles Rausch
Last Updated: April 11, 2012 3:33:47 AM PDT
A CFML framework that lets you concentrate on content.

Kitchen Sync

Author: Rob Gonda
Last Updated: January 27, 2007 5:40:50 PM PST
SVN Abstraction Layer And Production Sync Tools


Author: Andy Matthews
Last Updated: January 10, 2012 9:20:33 AM PST
A ColdFusion wrapper for the Klout social media influence API

Kona Cache

Author: Andrew Powell
Last Updated: September 11, 2007 6:00:06 PM PDT
Java-Powered ColdFusion Caching

Konami Code For Mango Blog

Author: Mark Aplet
Last Updated: October 20, 2011 9:40:53 AM PDT
Adds an easter egg to your site that is triggered by entering the Konami code


Author: Jeremy DeYoung
Last Updated: April 6, 2009 8:52:55 PM PDT
kopie.it is a XML-RPC API that allows developers to send print documents directly to end users.

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