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Rackspace Cloud Files CFC

Author: Louis Brauer
Last Updated: December 8, 2009 3:28:18 AM PST
CFC that abstracts Rackspace's Cloud Files API

Rancho: The code coverage tool for ColdFusion

Author: Kunal Saini
Last Updated: May 28, 2012 5:36:29 AM PDT
Code coverage tool for ColdFusion


Author: Matt Hill
Last Updated: June 11, 2009 8:22:46 PM PDT
A random phrase plugin for Mango Blog


Author: Jason Sheedy
Last Updated: March 26, 2010 11:33:30 PM PDT
Resource Bundle Editing using a Flex UI and CF/database backend.

RDS Support for Railo

Author: Anthony Cole
Last Updated: September 30, 2012 7:39:46 PM PDT
Coldfusion RDS Support for Railo


Author: David A. Cheslow, PhD.
Last Updated: March 22, 2007 9:07:53 AM PDT
Re-Action is a scaffold framework for use with Reactor

Read More

Author: Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Last Updated: December 27, 2011 1:14:46 AM PST
A Coldfusion Custom tag based off With Jquery to Read More adn read Less Information

Recaptcha Coldbox Plugin

Author: Jonathan
Last Updated: January 22, 2011 8:01:51 AM PST
A simple plugin for rendering a Recaptcha from Google


Author: Paul Marcotte
Last Updated: May 31, 2007 11:25:37 PM PDT
Like the composite Iterator, Recordset (superclass) provides methods and properties for list traversal.

Recurrence CFC

Author: Chris Blackwell
Last Updated: November 21, 2010 5:42:50 AM PST
Utility CFC to generate recurring dates

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